Oola Life

We’re a plus size lingerie brand who are all about celebrating and empowering our community of gorgeously beautiful plus size women. Knowing that our lingerie brings confidence, comfort & really enhances lives is so important to us. And here is where we celebrate the wonderful women who are part of this community, bringing to life their own unique stories.

We’d love to share your story too. If you’d like to feature on Oola Life, just drop us a line at hello@oolalingerie.com


How would you describe your style?  I am influenced by what is currently in fashion but I would say my style is artsy and bohemian. Fashion is a form of expression so I do like to play around with my looks, hair styles and make up.

 What do you look for in a plus size styles?  Plus size does not mean you have to dress frumpy and hide areas like your tummy and arms. I like well fitted clothing, bold prints, block colour garments and quality fabric. I love getting wardrobe staples that I can layer up for the colder months and accessorise during the summer.

 We know you have a love of travel. Where in the world do you love the most?  Being able to travel full time would be the dream (I am trying to speak it into existence haha). I am Indian, Sri Lankan and English and have done a lot of travelling around Southeast Asia. I am drawn to the culture, food, fashion, culture and people.

 Where do you see plus size brands going in the future?  I think a lot of brands are realising that fashion should be inclusive for everyone - it's about time! Gone are the days of the super airbrushed perfect looking model it's all about the rise of the fashion bloggers. 

We were lucky to have you on the Oola shoot. What are your favs from our collection?  I love all of it! But especially the purple colour way. I cannot wait to see what other colour ways you come up with.

You were not aware of your bra size. What difference has the correct size lingerie made to your shape?  You are right, I was not aware of bra size. The main reason I never got measured in a high-street store was due to the fact they never stocked my size, It felt embarrassing at times.

I cannot believe how much it elongates my midriff and how the straps don't cut into my back. My advice - take the plunge and get measured even if you do go up on your back and cup size. Embrace it, your size does not define you.




What's your favourite cocktail? My favourite cocktail is the classic old fashioned but done with Japanese whiskey.

 What are you reading right now? I'm reading "Things no one will tell a fat girl" by Jes Baker. It's a great body positive book that rejects fat prejudice, fights with body shaming at the hands of the media and invites you to join this radical movement of self love and body acceptance.

 What did you get up to last weekend? Last weekend I spent the Saturday staying at a friends having a girly night in. My Sunday was spent doing self care like a long hot shower, washing my hair and tending to my many house plants which has become part of my self care and relaxation.

 Favourite TV show? I don't really have a favourite TV show as I don't get to watch much telly but I do love a good conspiracy theory documentary or a Louis Theroux documentary.

What do you look out for when you go clothes shopping? When I go clothes shopping I look out for key pieces that can be worn or styled several different ways and also pieces that can transition from season to season without going out of fashion.

Who do you admire? I admire my mother and my family, they are my support network and have taught me a lot. I admire a lot of the woman and men that have helped me on my body positivity journey influencers, bloggers and plus size community members.

Tell us a secret? If I tell you then it wouldn't be a secret.

What makes you happy? The little things in life make me happy. I'm a great believer in giving strangers compliments if I see someone looking good or wearing a great outfit I compliment them and it can cheer someone up and spread the happiness around.

What was the last item of clothing you bought? As it's getting colder I bought a large oversized men's jumper that can be styled as a tunic over leggings or pu trousers, It can also be belted at the waist to give shape and would also look great over skinny jeans. Don't be afraid to shop the men's section there are some great fashion pieces that can be made into a great look.

What makes curvy sexy? Take a look back in history and you will see that curves are seen as sexy and desired but you will also see that confidence in owning those curves is what makes them sexy.



What is your job?  I’m a journalist, blogger, +size model.

What’s important to you in life?  Happiness, growth and self-love.

How has lock down been for you?  I live in Slovenia and the first few months were a bit weird, although I am a homebody I missed my friends and travelling. Now it’s almost back to normal, except for wearing masks and a few other regulations. 

How do you think the offering of plus size clothing has changed?  I love the changes that are happening, but I think there’s still a long way to go.

What do you want from a new lingerie brand?  Daring and sexier designs, especially as a plus girl that usually ends ups with a basic bra when leaving a straight-size store.

When you can holiday.. where will you be going?  We are able to travel to most neighbouring countries at the moment, but me and my friends decided to explore our own country this year. But road tripping through Italy is next on my bucket list!