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 “I have been trying out @oolalingerie & honestly this is one of the comfiest underwire bras I have worn in a long time.” @itsemchannel

We know a perfect fit when we see one. We’ve been designing our products for the fuller figure for years, modelling every new creation on real plus-size women who all have very different shapes. We genuinely understand how to accentuate and celebrate the fuller figure and that of course means that we also know all about ensuring the perfect fit. 

Finding a bra that makes you feel confident and comfortable, sexy and supported doesn’t start and end with a tape measure. It’s about understanding your body, knowing what styles suit your shape and achieving a fit that looks and feels right on you. And if achieving that certain je ne sais quois means going up or down a bra size, so be it.

So grab a tape measure, come inside our fitting room and allow Oola Lingerie to take you through the three steps to bra bliss.


Bra fitting - Step One

Know the rules of a perfect fitting bra

  1. The underband feels firm and snug, it’s level all the way around your body and doesn’t ride up at the back.
  2. The bit at the front which sits between each breast lies flat to your chest.
  3. The cups fully encase both your breasts, creating a smooth line
  4. The underwires follow the natural crease of your bust – they shouldn’t rub or dig in to the skin
  5. The straps feel secure enough to hold your bra in place, without cutting into the shoulders

Bra fitting - Step two

Measure yourself

If your bra falls short in any of the above areas, chances are you’re wearing the wrong bra size. And that’s not just a pain when it comes to looking your best – it can cause some serious back ache, rubbing and skin irritations too. To help you achieve the very best comfort and support, we’ve put together these measuring guidelines.

Every woman is different, and for that reason, we advise you to use your measurements as a starting point, trying on a selection of bra styles and sizes until you find the fit that’s perfect for you. And with Oola’s free returns policy, it couldn’t be easier: shop to your heart’s content, keep the bras you love and return the ones you don't.

  • First, find your underband measurement. Keeping the tape measure quite tight, measure around your ribcage just below the bust, and check in the mirror to make sure it's level all the way around. Make a note of your measurement in inches.
  • Now find your cup size. Measure around the fullest part of your bust, again checking in the mirror to make sure the tape is level.

Now simply take both measurements and follow our easy to use fit guide and voila – your bra size! 

Over Bust Underband
33/34 35/36 37/38 39/40 41/42
measurements in inches
43 38E 40D    
44 38F 40DD    
45 38FF 40E 42D  
46 38G 40F 42DD  
47   40FF 42E  
48   40G 42F 44D
49     42FF 44DD
50     42G 44E 46D
51       44F 46DD
52       44FF 46E
53       44G 46F
54         46FF
55         46G


UK measurements  in inches  Size 14-16 18-20 22-24 26-28 30-32
Waist  39 42 45 50 54
Hips  46 49 52 57 62

And finally…

Don’t forget, everyone’s breasts change over time, whether it’s due to pregnancies, natural fluctuations in weight or medical reasons. Set yourself a six monthly measuring reminder and keep your breasts beautifully supported for life.

Bra fitting - Step three

Bra troubleshooting

So, you’ve done your homework, you know what a perfect fit looks like and you’ve done the maths – so why doesn’t your ‘supposed size’ measure up? Fear not – our handy troubleshooting guide below will help. 

Troubleshooting Guide

 By looking at each element of your bra, we’ll help you find the perfect fit. 

The Cups 


Our cups are designed to enhance shape and cleavage. The cup fit should be snug, comfortable and well-filled and not gaping, wrinkling or cutting in. Similarly your boobs shouldn’t be overflowing the cup.  If the cups are gaping, try going down a cup size. If the cups are overflowing, go up a cup size.

The Band    


The band takes on the role of giving your boobs the support they need. A loose fit will just see your bra rise up your back. Too tight and it will dig in and become uncomfortable. Your band should sit straight across your back, just below the shoulder blades. And in trying different sizes, it’s all about balance - if you want to go down a band size, you’ll need to go up a cup size - this keeps the actual cup size the same. We call this swapping ‘sister sizing’.

For example if a bra is too loose around the band but you want to keep a similar fit and support, try a 40F instead of your 42E. Or if a band feels too tight but you want to keep the same cup size fit, try a 44DD instead of a 42E. 

We have designed our bras with wider back panels and reduced strap length. This removes pressure on your back (without cutting in) and improves support and posture,  whilst creating a smoother, back-smoothing silhouette. 

The Straps



Oola straps are wider than average, with plush, brush-lined elastics to maximise comfort and support and minimise shoulder rub. Your straps should sit comfortably on your shoulders without slipping off or cutting in. All of our straps are adjustable, so make sure you adjust them to the right length when trying on the bra. If you can fit two fingers on top of each other under the strap comfortably, you have them adjusted perfectly. Just ensure that your straps aren’t adjusted so short that they pull the band too high up your back. 



 The Underwire 

The underwiring in an Oola bra is specially moulded to flow seamlessly around the breast. These strengthened wires provide the support and confidence you need, while eliminating the underarm discomfort you don’t. The underwire should sit naturally underneath your breasts without pinching or digging. If you notice the wire digging under your arms, try a bigger cup. If it digs into your chest, try a bigger band.