'I have honestly been overwhelmed with the quality of Oola'

'I have honestly been overwhelmed with the quality of Oola'

Bras bras bras! I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a complex relationship with bras my entire life. I’ve suffered through anorexia, bulimia and binge eating which has meant my requirements from lingerie has frequently changed. I spent most of my life feeling unhappy with my tatas: their size, their shape, even their colour. But as I entered my mid 30’s I decided to begin a self love journey, which included learning to love my chest, and getting them properly supported. I didn’t know it at the time, but that journey would lead me to be lucky enough to model lingerie and plus size fashion. This has allowed me to try on so many different types and styles of bra during this quest to find the perfect boulder holder! 


I have recently tried on 3 sets of Oola lingerie and I have been surprised. I don’t know why i was surprised. As far as I’m aware Oola Lingerie are the only brand that specifically cater for the curvier gal. I don’t just mean a fuller bust, I mean the plus size women of this world. I have had so many issues shopping with various brands in the past as they don’t have right design for a fuller shape woman. Just adding more elastic is not enough! And don’t even get me started on the non-inclusive sizing of the knickers in matching sets with most brands… (stay calm Ginny, deep breathes!) I’m a 38G/40FF cup so it shouldn’t be surprising that I need a size 22 brief and not a size 8 … so why sell a bra in a 38G and not offer a varied pant range? I could rant about this for hours, but instead I’ll talk about the fab experience I’ve had trying on some Oola lingerie sets. 





First style: The Lace and Logo Non Padded Underwired Bra with  matching high waist brief (I tried colours teal and black)



Let’s talk pants: the pants are INSANELY comfortable and beautiful. I’m a size 22-24 in clothes, so bought the 22-24 size briefs and they fit like a dream. 100% true to size and wash really well. I plan on living in these forever. No exaggeration
Bra talk: I got the black and teal in my usual size 38G and it was bang on! (Always a good sign!). The best thing about both these bras are the brushed straps:


The straps have the Oola name embossed on the top, and then they’ve got this brushed cotton vibe underneath, meaning it’s so soft on your skin and the friction stops them from slipping down. Also there’s no uncomfortable boning digging in your side and the 4 clasp hook and eye means your back feels supported and looks smooth (no sneaky bay buldges!). Also, we need to take a second to appreciate the rose gold detailing on both these bras: the strap sliders, hook and eyes and central detail … all absolutely stunning.

Second style: Logo Lace Non Wired Soft Bra with matching high waist brief in colour white. 


Let’s talk pants: these briefs are the same as those discussed above. The best briefs I have come across. 


Bra talk: now this bra is different from the other two. There are no wires so gives a bralette vibe. The under-band on this matches the waist band on the pants and the strap design; so they are embossed with the Oola brand name, and gorgeously brushed material underneath. The distinctive logo lace is just as beautiful as always and the lack of wires means this is incredibly comfortable. I personally would size up in the cup as I found it to have a little less stretch than the others, but well worth the buy. 




I have honestly been overwhelmed with the quality of Oola and my general shopping experience. They truly seem to design within curves in mind, which for a plus size gal like me, makes them a very special find! 


Ginny x