Why We Are So Proud to Put Our Name on Everything

Why We Are So Proud to Put Our Name on Everything
Hi, I am Sarah and I am one of the founders of Oola Lingerie.
To say I am obsessed with designing and producing good quality lingerie is an understatement. I love the technology and the beauty which goes into making each and every bra we produce which is why I want to share with you what makes an Oola bra different.
It's important to me that you understand why you are buying an Oola bra and why you will feel different in it. 
The reason I am so passionate in the technology within bra design is because it make all the difference to the fit and feel and in turn it will make you feel different.  
Here are the main things that make Oola bras the most comfortable and supportive bras on the market today
  1. Oola bras are designed, developed and fitted on plus size models to ensure they meet the fit and support needs of a curvy woman.
  2. The fabrics are selected as they provide the support required for the curvy figure. Wing meshes and elastics have increased elastic modulus to ensure a secure fit. An oola bra has to support, but also look beautiful.
  3. Our bra cups either have foam padding or are lined with a rigid denier to give the support needed. It is important to keep your breasts in place.
  4. Oola bras are designed  with wider back panels and reduced strap length. This removes pressure on the back (without cutting in) and improves support and posture,  whilst creating a smoother, back-smoothing silhouette. We want you to be as comfortable as possible. There is not need to want to take your bra off the moment you get home if you are in the right fitting bra.
  5. Our straps are wider than average, with plush, brush-lined elastics to maximise comfort ,support and minimise shoulder rub. Our Lace and logo range also has our logo embossed on the straps making this range feel contemporary and fresh.
  6. We use strengthened wires to  provide the support  needed and  eliminating the underarm discomfort. So no hidden wires under you arm pit that can pop out and dig in. Every element of our bras are about the comfort.
At Oola we want to continue to bring comfort and support (and joy of course!)  – tell us how a great fitting bra makes you feel.  We love to hear from our community and if we can improve on anything we want to know.
Oola is here for you – we would love you to be part of it.
Love, Sarah