Why We Started Oola

Why We Started Oola
Why We Started Oola
Hi, I'm Tiggy and I am one of the founders of Oola Lingerie. I am often asked what made us launch a plus size lingerie brand in the middle of a pandemic so here is an insight. 
Sarah and I knew there was a place in the market for well designed stylish plus size lingerie that fitted!  We knew that if we had the time we could create a brand that confidently sat side by side in the market next to the big players who have been there for years. 
We wanted to produce quality plus size  lingerie that would gain a loyal following who just wanted choice in underwear that fitted their body shapes. Choice in colour, choice in style and also availability in their size.
Longline Turq Plus size bra
Then Lockdown happened and suddenly we found we had the time to think about what Oola could be. 
Sarah and I have worked together on and off for years. Not always in the same businesses but our professional paths have zig zagged from time to time. Between us we have more years experience than we care to admit in design, development, production and plus size retail experience. 
Sarah successfully runs a private label company and Oola has benefitted from having a hugely experienced manufacturing operation in China who are technically brilliant at what they do. 
I have always worked in buying and more recently worked on the ecommerce side of a large retail business creating content and organising shoots and working closely with influencers so between us we knew we had a good idea of what we needed to build a brand. 
Happy Birthday Oola 
OOla Lingerie plus size
Our first year of Oola has been crazy! We have launched on multiple websites and have over 50 options in the Oola collection. We face tech issues on a daily basis and things do not run to plan half the time. But as everyone says... enjoy the ride and that is the approach we are adopting. 
We have over 5500 social followers and interest in the brand all over the world due to the incredible support we have from our community. And this is where the magic happens! Honest and supportive influence is what builds a brand. You can't buy it, you can't rush it. It builds and builds slowly and consistently and it will never happen over night! 
We are realistic that Oola will take time to grow a loyal customer base. We have to prove who we are in a challenging market place but what we can't do is stop moving forward. 
Our journey of brand building is not always an easy one but at no point do we believe we won't succeed. Mainly because at the heart of everything is the product design and the fit of that product and that is what we are most confident in. 
We follow amazing brands like GymShark and Lounge who give us the belief that we can grow. We are prepared to fail fast in the areas that are new to us. 
Oola is a passion for us. It drives us everyday and we believe we can build a brand that truly reflects our passion for the design of plus size lingerie and that  showcases our fanaticism and expertise for great fit and comfort for the fuller figure. 
Thank you to everyone who is waving the Oola flag and helping us create a brand we can be truly proud of. 
Where it Started
Where It's Going:
Cosmo best lingerie brand 2021
Cosmo best lingerie brand in 2021

 If you are interested in launching a brand or want to know more about Oola we are passionate about sharing our journey and helping small businesses. 

Contact us on info@oolalingerie