Let Colour Bring You Confidence

We asked the very colourful and creative @sarabrowndesign to give an insight into how we can all feel better with a little bit of colour in our life. Here is her view on a life with colour

If comfort is the cosy hug that we all need right now, then colour is the joyful party that we are longing for too. Comfort and colour really are a match made in heaven to lift your spirits at this time of year, especially during this weird world we are currently living in. In fact, the January blues are not welcome here, unless that blue comes in the form of a deliciously bright teal lace bra and knickers, and we are wearing them whilst we waltz around our home filled with cosy blankets and oodles of cups of tea. 


I believe colour brings people together. It encourages conversations and at a time like this, any connection feels so special. I have lost count of the amount of times a stranger has told me that my colourful outfit has brightened up their day, and thankfully, they can still do this socially distanced, with a mask on. Only a few days ago, my bright yellow trousers sparked up a conversation across the park with a little family whose young daughter wanted to show me her bright yellow trousers too. She was so proud of her colourful outfit, and you could tell how much joy her yellow and orange combo gave her. So, if you are on the fence about wearing your brightest jumper or a neon pink hat, think about how happy you would feel if you saw someone wearing that in the supermarket, then pop it on and be that person for someone else.



A colourful mood boost doesn’t have to be bold and brash and it could be just for you. Perhaps it’s buying yourself a bright yellow plate to eat your elevenses biscuits from. Maybe you could use a rainbow coloured bath bomb to warm up after a winter walk. Or possibly it’s the little pick me up you get from wearing an amethyst purple bra, under your oversized jumper, whilst you cosy up on the sofa. If we can make our little everyday moments a bit more colourful and comforting then our days will get brighter.”