Why Oola?

Oola by women for women

At Oola, we treat each and every bra we create as a bespoke work of art: something to be celebrated, that’s luxurious, contemporary and desirable. Something that’s, quite simply, beautiful. But for us, great design goes beyond beauty – it’s about incorporating sensational support, tailored fit and built-in comfort.

When it comes to plus size bras, that means modelling every new design on real women who all have very different shapes and sizes. It means going back to the drawing board again and again until every last detail is perfected . And most importantly, it means genuinely understanding the fuller figure and knowing how to accentuate and celebrate it, in a way that’ll make every curve look and feel fabulous.


Oola puts the love into plus-size bras. 

There are enough things in life that put weight on your shoulders – your bra shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why Oola straps are wider than average, with plush, brush-lined elastics to maximise comfort and support and minimise shoulder rub.

At Oola we know the science behind the perfectly-constructed bra cup. We know how to design a cup to enhance shape and cleavage using even the most delicate laces, meshes and embroideries. 

The underwiring in an Oola bra shapes up in more ways than one. Specially moulded to flow seamlessly around the breast, these strengthened wires provide the support and confidence you need, while eliminating the underarm discomfort you don’t.

Touch the smooth, flexible under-band of an Oola bra. It’s one of the key structural features in the Oola toolkit, hugging the bra to your body with wider elastics that position the underwire perfectly below your breast.

We have designed our bras with wider back panels and reduced strap length. This removes pressure on your back (without cutting in) and improves support and posture,  whilst creating a smoother, back-smoothing silhouette. Because we know comfort and confidence goes hand in hand. 

Every Oola bra is designed with a soft-touch, wider hook and eye which guarantees greater ‘on-skin’ comfort and prevents digging in so you can wear ours bras all day, everyday.