Bra Care & Love

Bra Care & Love
Bra Care & Love 


We love our Oola bras and hope you feel the love too. So here’s a few tips to ensuring that your Oola bra keeps providing the support, fit and look you love time and time again.


Allow any product on your skin to dry before putting on your bra


Whether it’s deodorants, your favourite body cream or lotion these are all parts of your daily beauty regime. But remember that these can also get onto your Oola bra and gradually build up over time leading to colour fade, a build up, or even weakening the fabric. Our advice is to allow any of these products to dry and completely soak in before you put on your bra. Finally, remember that a direct spray of perfume onto any fabric can weaken and possibly pill more easily too. 


Avoid washing your bra after every wear


We know that when you find a bra you love, there’s the temptation to wear it every day but we recommend avoiding  the wear, wash, dryer approach. We suggest a wash after every 2-3 outings (unless it’s particularly dirty) and then rotating with either an identical Oola bra or another from our range. This way your bra will keep its shape and the fabric will stay beautiful for much longer, and you’ll be doing your own little bit for the environment too. 


Machine Washing Your Bra 

Remember to be kind to your bra. 

  1. Prepare your bra by hooking it together at the back and gently place in a lingerie mesh wash bag
  2. Select a delicate wash cycle and use a gentle detergent
  3. Be sure to follow care label instructions on your bra
  4. We recommend a  40 degrees wash to ensure a thorough clean. 
  5. Absolutely avoid wringing out or tumble drying
  6. Reshape bras with moulded cups when damp to ensure it keeps it shape
  7. Hang up to dry


Washing your bra by hand


We know that with busy lives, handwashing is often the last thing on your mind. Yet if you want to keep your bra in the finest condition, then handwashing your bra will make a real difference.


  1. Use a delicate detergent and gentle blot any particular stains or area where needed
  2. Use lukewarm water and detergent and gently rub together
  3. Allow your bra to soak (and rinse and repeat if needed)
  4. Rinse in cool water by gently folding bra in two to get rid of excess
  5. Reshape bras with moulded cups when damp to ensure it keeps its shape
  6. Lay the bra flat on a towel to dry.


Store your bras carefully

If you put the same care into your bra storage as your washing, you’ll make them last even longer. 

  1. Fasten the hooks at the back of your bra when putting away to avoid snagging and catching in the more delicate mesh and lace elements that they may be next to. 
  2. Dedicate space for your bras with their own drawer if possible. And use dividers to store bras of the same style together (see below).
  3. Take care of your moulded cups and avoid crushing or wrinkling them (as it’s very difficult to get these wrinkles out). Rather ensure that they are kept in shape and puffed up at all times.
  4. Lay your moulded bras on top of each other (without folding in half) so that each pair of cups is held in shape by the one below (perfect bra teamwork!)