I have Big Boobs; Can I wear a padded bra?

I have Big Boobs; Can I wear a padded bra?
I have Big Boobs; can I wear a padded bra…?
The title of this post may be a bit cheeky of me. A little PROVOCATIVE if you will. There seems to be a train of thought that padded bras are only good for one thing: Making your boobs look bigger. I am here to debunk this myth and say this; You can wear whatever you want. The size of your boobs shouldn’t stop you from doing/wearing or being the best version of yourself. 


plus size tonal lace padded bra


Don’t get me wrong, certain styles of padded bra can ramp up that cleavage from 0-100 in the hook of a strap, but even If you’re just looking to give your boobs that smooth, even look under that fitted LBD or tight t shirt, a padded bra can be your friend.
Did you know that more than 50% of us have asymmetrical boobs?
This is another place where padded bras come into their own, by sizing up to your largest size, the moulded cups give that illusion of symmetry, all whilst receiving the support we know and love.
Sarah Maskell, co-founder of Oola and all-round bra guru tells us; “A non-padded may end up with an unsightly fullness in the cup. The thing with a padded bra, if you’re asymmetrical, it offers that support that you need.”
plus size padded bra
So where to start…?
Look, there is padded and there is PADDED. Here at Oola, we like to cover all bases. From light padding to cleavage enhancing. Our padded bras have all the Oola features you’ve come to know and love:
  • Soft touch 3 hook and eye fastening
  • U back design to give smooth back silhouette
  • Luxe rose gold Oola disc and bow detail
  • No side bones for a comfortable and flexible fit
One of our bestsellers, the plus size fan lace half pad is an everyday bra offering fab support and coverage. Soft microfibre gives a smooth and natural feel. Available in four colourways, this is an Oola fan (get it!) favourite and we can’t get enough of the pretty lace and luxurious rose gold.
plus size Fan Lace Padded bra in Nude
The colourways of this style are OH so chic, think contrasting pastels and vibrant shades of blue and green. The Padded Plunge is all about that shape; Underwired to give a natural and secure lift and padded for great shape definition, the oomph you’ll get from this style is next level. This, my friends, is a bra begging to be seen.
plus size padded bra tonal lace teal and emerald


Go On - Get out of your comfort zone and give padded a try! 
Love and padding,