Meet The Model - Rachael Hyde

Meet The Model - Rachael Hyde

Say hello to Rachael , our gorgeous curve model who we adore working with. 

When we decided that we wanted a Barbie inspired campaign to showcase our latest range we knew Rach would be the perfect fit. Her energy, her curves and her beauty were exactly want we wanted.  

We got the chance to ask her a few questions on set...…



Hey Rach... How did you get into modelling?

Growing up I’ve always loved fashion and photography.

I was a big fan of Americas Next top model and used to love seeing the creative process of each shoot and how it was all put together. When I was 16 I had my first job in Budgens as a till girl and my dad came into the shop and had told me he had entered me for a curvy competition with the Sunday Telegraph, Stella magazine. I couldn’t believe a few weeks later I would be getting the call to come to London as I would be one of the finalists. I remember turning up onto the set but at the age I was I didn’t have the confidence that was needed to bring myself alive in front of the camera. I remember blending into the walls, feeling a little insecure and not being able to really give it my best shot. That was my first experience!

At 19 I went to drama school (Royal Birmingham Conservatoire) and that’s when my confidence developed and I started growing as a person. After I left I lived in Germany for a year touring schools across Germany and helping children learn English through theatre. This is when my first love for Germany as I country started and it would later continue throughout my career in fashion.

After I got back from Germany I moved to London to try and make it in acting. My agent wasn’t particularly good and to pay my bills I worked as a receptionist for a hotel. This was a great job to meet people from across the world. I learnt a lot and realised my love for other cultures and listening to peoples stories of their lives and where they had been in the world. Even thought the job was fun, it was a struggle to survive and pay the bills in London and I floated from month to month trying to make it work. I always new I had a strong creative ability I just had to find the right opportunities to bring alive my passions. I remember working a 18 hour shift and I came home exhausted and I thought to myself I need to make a change.


I flipped open my laptop and when online to a job site and the company Lake land was looking for actors to do ‘still life photography’ for Christmas Scenes. I applied… and I got it! I spent 2 days at the lake district doing all things Christmassy… From modelling putting the turkey in the oven, to pulling a couple of golden crackers and sitting around the table about to dive into the Christmas pudding.  I really enjoyed the whole experience and from that job that’s when I started thinking if and how I could maybe do more work like this. I loved the experience being in front of the camera, my confidence had grown and I was proud of my curves and body shape. 

The penny dropped! After this job I started applying to modelling agencies... not just any old modelling agencies... ones that specialized in curves and plus size fashion! Most of my emails got ignored and there were lots of rejections too...but then one agent got back to me a couple of months later. A few emails went back and forward. I explained a didn’t know that much about the industry but I was extremely keen to learn and would relish the opportunity. We met on the Friday in central London and by the Monday I was signed. The summer was spent putting my portfolio together. I started testing with photographers. The first test was a total disaster and I thought I would be dropped on the back of it! I remember I was posing in  few awkward positions, my make up was a little on the heavy side but hey! I was learning, it was part of the experience. I then had a couple more better tests and I couldn’t believe it was me in the pictures! Its amazing what good photography and lighting can do.

September came and that was the week I was launched. My first casting was ASOS. I remember that morning so vividly. I got ready at my brothers flat in Clapham Junction, got my hair and make up ready.. had my breakfast.. Looked in the mirror an thought, lets do this! I stepped out the flat, walked down the road and it started pouring with rain. Of course – me being me, I had forgotten my umbrella and by the time I had turned up at the asos studio I was a drowned rat, totally drenched by the rain. I squelched into the studio and apologised for being so wet! The cool photographer reassured me it was ok and that we could go for the rock and roll look. I liked that.

They asked me to pull some poses and all I could think about doing was the peace sign.. I grew up with the Spice girls!! So I did a few fun poses with my wet hair.. walked out. To be honest I thought I had totally fucked it!


A few weeks past and I didn’t hear anything and then I got the call to say ASOS wanted to work with me! I couldn’t believe it!! Me? I thought I would never be cool enough for ASOS… but actually realising now being yourself is actually the coolest thing in the world. Being true to who you are. ASOS welcomed me with open arms, they allowed me to be me in front of the camera whilst giving me direction and helping me develop as a model. It was like School for Modelling at ASOS (of course I didn’t tell them I was 25 when I started with them, I kept my age very quiet) But if you are reading this I do want to say that I started in this modelling industry at 25 and that its never to late to start anything and never let age affect what you want to do in life!


The OG Years at ASOS were incredible! We would get into hair and make up, shoot with the best music, go for drinks after work, walk on the original catwalk and the atmosphere would be electric! Girls would fly in from California, Miami, Australia, Brazil… and even Bedford (less tropical) and we would all form fun friendships and love the journeys we were all on. From there It all took off… my doors opened to other clients. From travelling across Europe to working in New York. Its been a ride. Someone once said to me at a casting about when the train of opportunity comes around, you jump on the carriage! and I have no let go!! That's exactly what I did and using the experience I had leading up to modelling I have always given 200% to my work and them teams I have worked with along with being extremely grateful. 


Now I want to continue spreading body positivity and also age positivity. We can continue striving and being successful whatever age we are. It’s the journeys that we go on that shape up and make us who we are. Representing curves in fashion is the best thing that has ever happened to me and something that I am extremely passionate about. I think we can all say the results from covid in all industries hit us hard and the world changed so much. Now we can only go forward with strength and solidarity to achieve the best we can..

 I guess the simple answer to this question would have been ‘I was scouted’ but truth me told a lot of hustling, determination, blood, sweat and tears have gone on to achieving my dreams… and even now continuing to keep them alive.


You recently shot the latest campaign for Oola? Can you tell us what your favourite piece from the new collection is?

The new collection from Oola in amazing. I love the fun pink set as Its great to have a bright colour of lingerie for summer. I always think bright colours make you feel happy and when you put them on lifts your mood and makes your feel great.

I thought the creative direction of the most recent shoot was great with the barbie theme. Being curvy it was great to show a curvy barbie. When I was younger I was also looking out for curvier people in the media and it was very much lacking. I think its so important to show all different body shapes so people can relate and look up to. I have a belly, I have thighs, my teeth are not perfect. In fact I have two chips on the front of them!! But that’s me, that’s what makes me who I am and I don’t believe you have to change yourself for anyone..



Oola  have introduced a new strapless bra to their collection. Is this a piece you will be wearing this summer?

For work I always need a good strapless bra and Oola have mastered this type of bra. Its brilliant. The support is wonderful and the material is soft yet secure and holds my boobs in all the right places. I will definitely be whipping out the bra for all the seasons of the year.. not just summer!

How do you spend your spare time? What makes you happy.

What makes me happy is a glass of rose on a hot summers day and walking my dog by the river! Recently I've started hot yoga and I am really enjoying that and how its making me feel. I also love following the tennis but wished I played better.. it’s the taking part that counts! I also love spending time with my family and close friends. They are my rocks.


What’s the last thing you bought??

H20 Skintint by Pixi – its incredible! I don’t like wearing heavy foundation on my skin and this is light and moisturizes your skin at the same time! Recommend to all.

If someone was thinking about buying Oola for the first time – what’s your advice?

Oola is a true supporter when it comes to appreciating your curves and body acceptance.  Oola want you to feel confident and the best version of yourself. This underwear is brilliant for curves, and I promise you, you will feel sexy, strong and supported when you try Oola lingerie for the first time. Have a lovely summer xxx