It's Time to Spring Clean Your Underwear Drawer (& help others at the same time)

It’s Spring. UK lockdown is easing and we’re raring to get back out there and shake our tail feathers, and we want to do it looking and feeling FABULOUS.


 I want to make it clear here, I’m absolutely not suggesting that you shop for the sake of shopping (that wouldn't be very responsible of me), rather I’m giving you a gentle nudge towards thinking about curating a wardrobe that is versatile, useful and, most importantly; That you will wear. 



 In the same way that Marie Kondo tells us to discard items that no longer spark joy. It’s time to pass on those bras that no longer fit, bin the ones which are falling to pieces and step away from the lingerie that makes you feel anything less than incredible. Did you know that here are a number of organisations out there who collect and repurpose worn bras? This means that they wont contribute to landfill and, in many cases, will actually support other women around the  world.     


  Next up, it’s time to think about the lingerie that actually makes us feel good. I love how so many of Oola’s styles come with the option of a super flattering high waist brief or thong in multiple colourways, meaning you can mix and match depending on your ‘fit. Knowing that what’s underneath your clothes looks stunning and FITS is a sure fire way towards feeling fabulous. 


So open those drawers, pull out those bras and let’s get gorgeous!


Em x